About us

We have always been fascinated by travelling. Curiosity about the world, meeting new cultures, trying new food, astonishing views, monuments, sea, mountains, lakes, remarkable nature…all this led to Cuba Flamingo Travel being born.

Cuba Flamingo Travel is a result of Polish-Cuban families’ friendship, shared passions, common perception of the world and mutual openness.

Despite being kilometres apart, cultural differences, language barriers and technical constraints we decided on showing tourists around Cuba. Both pretty, colourful, tasty side, smelling of cigars and rum, swinging in the rhythm of salsa with wonderful sound of the sea, but also the poorer, gloomier, bleaker but still friendly side of the island.

Thanks to our friendship we managed to make room for making our dream come true. We can and we want to offer you insight into Cuba viewed not through the prism of hotels but through the eyes of a native Cuban. By travelling with us you will get a chance to live in their homes, share meals with them, get to know their traditional cuisine and culture, but also habits, nature and perception of the world. You will have a chance to see the “offstage” of Havana’s every nook and cranny.

Our friends and their families will always be your companions and guardians there; always helpful and loyal that know Cuba like a book. And speaking of bookkeeping, this is why holiday with us are so affordable.

This is how our travel agency was born 🙂


I’m Polish and 35+ years old and I’m a happy wife and mum of a 13-year old young man and 10-year old princess. I’m a philologist and economist, however curiosity about the world and passion for travelling bore fruit and Kuba Flamingo Travel was set up by me and friends I share passions with.


I’ve been living in Havana since I was born. I’m 30 and I’m a happy husband and father of two wonderful sons. I graduated from tourism at University of Havana; my job is my hobby, which in my opinion is spotted by tourists during our amazing journeys.


Paweł, 42, veterinary specialist by profession and media producer by passion. In love with the world and the diversity of cultures. Filmed under water, on land and in the air. Photographer and editor-in-chief of several publishing houses. Wrak Race racing organizer. Member of associations and organizer of charity events. A happy husband and a forgiving father of two children. Son and daughter, or a set!


I live in Poland and I’m a father of two children: a 14-year old girl and 11-year old boy. I’m an attorney and sworn translator but at the same time my wife and I stay close to Latin American roots by running Spanish language school. Our kids are also bilingual which makes travelling to Spanish-speaking countries much easier, which is our family passion.


I’m Polish, I’m 37-years old and run an IT company. I’m a father of two children. I love travelling regardless of the destination and time of the year. My wife and I try to develop our common passion for travelling and explore new places. In Kuba Flamingo Travel I take care of our presence in the internet.


I am Polish, I’m 45+, I’m a husband and father of a great “almost” 18 year old. I have been managing international companies for over 15 years. Privately I get involved in interesting projects and one of them was co-creation of Flamingo Travel together with a group of friends in Poland and Cuba. I am passionate about traveling and automotive.

Danny & Clancy

We are an adult and happy Cuban couple and parents of two daughters. We live in Havana and love to receive tourists from all over the world, however we feel special fondness for the Poles. We will have you and invite you to our table with pleasure. We try to be a part of pleasant memories from Cuba.


I am a native Cuban. I live in the Havana area. I am an orthopedic physician by profession and have many years of practice in this field. I appreciate the contact with tourists, which I can show and bring to the wonderful Kuba and at the same time get to know the world from the stories of tourists from different parts of the world. I also use English, which will make it easier for us to contact each other during a joint journey.


I’m a native Cuban. I love monuments, travelling and telling interesting stories about Cuba. I speak Spanish and English which makes telling news and interesting facts about our history much easier. I live in Havana permanently.


‘m a Cuban. I live in Havana and I am a taxi driver. On a daily basis, he deals with tourist circuits around the most interesting places in Havana and the surrounding area. I will be happy to be your personal driver 🙂


We are available to you in Cuba.