In case you wish to see even more during your holiday, take a look at additional trips offered during free days. Each trip and attraction is additionally payable on the spot in euros. Explore our offer and approximate costs of additional attractions.

Example: overnight trip to Viñales

  • our crew checks seats availability in buses at time specified by you
  • our crew checks if nature reserve is open
  • we can recommend accommodation in friendly casas particulares (Cuban homes)
  •  we notify you in advance on the need of bus ticket reservation on
  • you book the ticket for a specified day and pay for it on the website
  • our crew member there provides you with necessary information and arranges taxi to and from the stop for you
  • all remaining costs (entrance tickets, accommodation, board, taxi) need to be settled directly with service providers

Are a few of our proposals with approximate costs and description:

1. Yacht in Tarara – ok. 100 euro
2. Accommodation at the beach in Tarara – from 71 to 135 euro
3. Vinales Nature Reserve– from 80 to 150 euro
4. Trinidad
5. Diving at Havana – 53 euro
6. Cabaret Tropicana – od 66 do 84 euro
7. Cabriolet ride – 23 euro/1 hour
8. Salsa lesson – 9 euros /30 minutes

Tarara, a fabulous resort (sunbathing, accommodation, snorkelling)


BOAT – swimming and fishing in the ocean

Boat renting offer in Tarara. Sail a boat and fish on your own and have your fish fried and prepared for you to eat. An extra unforgettable activity is amateur reef snorkelling. If the trip can be arranged on the day of your choice, the fee is to be settled on-site. In case you are interested, mark this option in the form when booking chosen Cuban Journey.

PRICE: approx. 100€



This option includes 2 days on a beautiful beach in Tarara along with accommodation in a beach house with access to swimming pool. Houses are lovely and surrounded by lovely palms. See the sunset in the evening and take a stroll back to your apartment to rest. Unlock the full potential of this magical place thanks to the option with accommodation.

PRICE: 71-135€




It is a small town in Pinar del Rio province which lies at the heart of territory famous for tobacco cultivation that became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1999. The most fascinating part of the trip is visiting the nature reserve on horseback. Regardless of the fact if you can ride a horse or not or if you ever sat in the saddle, this is how you can fully unite with most beautiful Viñales nature and wildlife. Local horses are “tourist-programmed” and will safely lead you through the reserve where you will find plantation of tobacco and aromatic coffee. Not to mention you can spend the night in Viñales and continue the journey first thing in the morning by crossing the cave on a metal boat. An Indian village is also within reach.

PRICE: 80-150€

Trinidad, or the colonial capital of Caribbean pirates



Trinidad de Cuba to one of the oldest cities in Cuba. It was founded by the Spanish conquistador Diego Velazqez de Cuellar in 1514. The city is called the “jewel of Cuba” with a certainty of beautiful architecture in the colonial style. It is prohibited to :. This beautiful architecture is preserved thanks to the inclusion of the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage List. As one of the few cities in Cuba, Trinidad is not. Pyrotechnic items that in the 18th century deal with the fight against piracy or the fight against Haiti or Jamaica. Trinidad is also set up with the help of the Kuba library.

Koszt opcji: od  euro.



Diving at Havana

If you are interested in exploring the ocean floor, visiting reefs and the underwater world of plants and animals, this is an option for you. You can spend time with an experienced diver in small groups of 3-5 people diving in turquoise waters near Havana. This option includes diving in a coral reef with an instructor, round trip transfer, drinks on site, lunch on the sand and pictures from a diving trip sent on return to the indicated email address Price: 60 cuc



Cabaret Tropicana

This is a beautiful show dating back to 1930-1940. You can feel the true atmosphere of Cuban entertainment and art there. Live performances, wonderful music, great drinks, colorful costumes…All this at your fingertips. During the performances, the artists descend to the audience and for a moment you can dance to the rhythm of the salsa with the stars of the Tropicana show 🙂

Koszt opcji: 75-95 cuc


Cabriolet ride

Do you want to feel the gentle wind in your hair, admire the beauty of Havana and the area on a sunny day? Or maybe you prefer to admire Havana at night and see what the night life of Havana looks like? If you dream of a historic Cadillac ride, this is an option for you. Our pink Chevrolet Flamingo Taxi is waiting for YOU 🙂

Price: 25 cuc / 1 hour



If these 2 lessons as part of the trip are not enough for you, then our salsa instructor is at your disposal. Report Eduardo’s desire for additional activities and improve your dancing skills. Or maybe you want to take a dance lesson in the open air?
This is also possible 🙂

Price: 10 cuc/30 minut