Cigars, Rum, Music and Cars are four great things that make Kuba unique.
Every year in Havana, the amazing Cigar Festival takes place every February. Fragrant smoke from thousands of cigars in the mouth of Cubans, tourists from all over the world, men and women, older and younger, travels around the capital …


During the Festival, we can meet different Cigar brands, taste, touch and find out how the best Cohibas Cigars in the world are made. . They are formed at Mr. Robaina’s tobacco plantation in the Vinales Valley. To this day, the family is very committed to maintaining production, showing tourists how this great Cigar is made 🙂


You can also see Julia cigars also the famous brand “Romeo y Julieta” and many other interesting productions.
You can ask this question yourself. Come with us on a Cuban expedition during the Cigar Festival in Cuba and ask us 🙂 And for now you just need pictures and a few words from our friend from Mr. Robaina Plantation