Cuba is an extremely interesting travel destination especially if we are talking about adventure travel. Starting from the political system, which attracts with its otherness, through the beauty of nature, wonderful beaches, salsa, the smell and taste of Cuban specialties, the culture and nature of the people living there. You should learn, taste and feel Cuba with all your senses. Hence responsible travel to Cuba is very measurable.

But how to travel?
First of all, you should be well prepared for this journey.
Check what we should do and what not to do. What can we offend those who host us in their casas particulares and what should we pass over. Cubans are very open people who like conversations, craving for learning new. They are happy to talk and listen to stories from travelers, especially during joint meals, but they are also very sensitive. Remember that access to information from the world is limited on Cuba, so knowledge of the situation in different countries largely flows from tourists. The second issue is ecology – Cubans are struggling with many problems of everyday life. One of them is water. They have limited resources, so even taking a shower in casas remember to respect water and use it rationally. Let us remember that casas particulares are the private homes of Cubans, which were not designed for tourism and such occupancy and exploitation as it is happening today. Therefore, it may happen that taking an hour shower will run out of water for residents of neighboring rooms. It is worth remembering and using this good rationally. However, interesting and worth following is the fact that Cubans can give a few lives to objects before they feel that they are no longer usable. Of course, it is influenced by the fact that getting new items is not easy, but despite their ingenuity and skills are worthy of recognition.

The third issue and probably the most important – Kuba is a destination for open, friendly and non-claim travelers. It is beautiful, delightful, dancing, kind but also poor, without luxuries and comforts with problems that cannot be solved despite great intentions. Therefore, when choosing to Cuba, it should be assumed that everything will not always take place as we planned, that the car with the driver may be a lot late, that the hot water in the shower may end suddenly, that in restaurants they will not exchange a single word with us English, that we have to make pilgrimages behind the Internet and its quality will not always satisfy us, etc. In return, however, we will get everything that is the most beautiful in Cuba. Salsa, music, the beautiful colorful streets of Havana teeming with life, great Cuban cuisine, drinks, wonderful Cadillacs, great music, fragrant cigars, unforgettable beaches and much more.

Members of our team are travelers choosing different directions of the world, but we can unanimously say that only from Cuba you come back with a lot of emotions, thoughts and experiences that have a long-lasting impact on our perception of everyday life and the re-evaluation of our lives.
Meet and discover Cuba with us 🙂