Your adventure in Cuba

Golden sand, azure water and blue sky – relax in Cuba.


Lyrics of Janusz Gniatowski’s song are tempting and paint a marvellous picture: Havana, home to a famous writer, with its intriguing monuments, antique Cadillacs on the streets, vibrant with night life and rocking in the rhythm of salsa; amazing beaches with soothing azure and turquoise sound of the sea; Viñales and Tarara with their beauty of nature and a chance for interesting holiday and unforgettable experiences, amazing people. All this awaits you in Cuba. Meet the island with us.

Running Cuba or MarabanaCuba 21 November 2021- leisure and running passion in 2 options:

9 Nights in Cuba – 1300/1200 euro (when booking 4 months before the date of Discount – 100 euro)
5 Nights in Cuba – 920/850 Euro (When booking 4 months before the DISCOUNT date – 60 euro)

9 Nights Cuban Expedition in Cuba 1200 USD

9 nights, 9 breakfasts, transfers, 3 dinners, Buena Vista Social Club concert, admission tickets to all attractions included in the Trip Plan, rickshaw, cadillacs, drinks, beach and pool in Tarara, salsa, Rumba Party, 24 / h keeper, guide available, accident insurance, premium for TFG
* promotions and discounts reducing the fixed price are in the tab

Optional: Havana in 1 day – 180 euros per person

Pickup from a hotel in Havana, drive in a pink convertible Cadillac to Havana with a guide, Rum Museum, Revolution Museum, Cigar Factory, Chocolate Factory, Floriditt with 1 drink, Cannon Shots with dinner at the castle or Buena Vista Social Club concert with 3 drinks (to choose ), parking at the hotel in Havana.

Optional: Havana in 2 days with overnight in casa particular – 260 euros

Pickup from the indicated place (extra charge), drive in a pink convertible Cadillac to Havana with a guide, Rum Museum, Revolution Museum, Cigar Factory, Chocolate Factory, Floriditta with 1 drink, Bodeguita Del Medio with 1 drink, Cannon Shots with castle dinner, breakfast in the casa, salsa lesson at the dance school, Buena Vista Social Club concert with 3 drinks, visiting Havana by rickshaw, returning to the hotel in Havana.

Optional: Valley of Viñales – 290 euros per person

Pickup from a designated place in Havana (extra paid outside Havana), trip to the nature reserve with our guide transport, horseback tour of the reserve, tour of tobacco plantation Robain, tasting Coshiba cigars, visiting the cave, watching the Mural, half board, returning to the indicated place in Havana (extra paid outside Havana).

Optional: Trinidad and Cienfuegos with 1 overnight stay – 430 euros per person

Pick-up from the indicated place in Havana (extra paid, apart from Havana), trip with a guide to Trinidad, sightseeing, walks, evening fun at House of Beers and House of Musica, learning how to smoke Cuban cigars, dinner, lodging at casa, breakfast at casa, transfer to Cienfuegos, sightseeing, walking, in the evening return to the indicated place in Havana (outside Havana extra charge).

Optional: Playa Tarara with overnight in a beach villa – 190 euros

Pickup from a designated place in Havana (extra paid, except Havana), departure with a guardian to Tarara, accommodation, sunbathing, relaxation, access to swimming pools, dinner in the form of a grill, overnight at the villa, breakfast at the villa, sunbathing, in the evening return to the indicated place in Havana (payable outside Havana).

Travelers about Flamingo:)


I met Eduardo in Havana by chance a few years ago. We ended up spending several days together as he showed us the "authentic Cuba." He was smart, honest and fun to be with. If you are looking for a guide in Havana, Eduardo is the real deal. I recommend him highly. *****

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Cigar Festival on Cuba

Cigar Festival on Cuba

Cigars, Rum, Music and Cars are four great things that make Kuba unique. Every year in Havana, the amazing Cigar Festival takes place every February. Fragrant smoke from thousands of cigars in the mouth of Cubans, tourists from all over the world, men and women, older...

Traveling to Cuba

Traveling to Cuba

Cuba is an extremely interesting travel destination especially if we are talking about adventure travel. Starting from the political system, which attracts with its otherness, through the beauty of nature, wonderful beaches, salsa, the smell and taste of Cuban...

Autumn expedition (9 Nights – 10 days)

Autumn expedition (9 Nights – 10 days)

Autumn expedition - we’re gathering the group: 28.09. - 07.10. (9 Nights - 10 days) A Polish-language tutor, accommodation in Havana in casa particular and Tarara beach resort, Buena Vista Social Club concert, Havana tour, cadillac ride, drinks, delicious dinners and...

The dates of winter-ferri expeditions 2020!!!!

The dates of winter-ferri expeditions 2020!!!!

I am pleased to inform you that the dates of our 9th and 5th Night expeditions for the winter 2020 season can be found here: In addition, remember that apart from these trips we will be open and flexible match the trip...

Interesting event with Maxoil Classic Auto Show 2019

Interesting event with Maxoil Classic Auto Show 2019

As you know, the participants of the Maxoil Classic Auto Show 2019 were fighting for vouchers sponsored by Flamingo Travel. In the picture, a happy owner of the beautiful Cadillac !!! He won in the category "The longest distance to the rally" he came all the way from...

Cuban motoring craze

Cuban motoring craze

Something not only for travelers but also motoring fans. Such things on the streets of Havana are a part of the landscape. Wherever you look, you can enjoy the eye with beautiful, colorful cadillacs and cabriolets. Or maybe you would like to ride these wonders with us...

A few words from Flamingo

A few words from Flamingo

We love traveling 🙂 That is why together with a group of friends, we established the Travel Office. It so happened that Kuba is extremely passionate and our friends are also there. This is where the direction of the CUBA expeditions organized by us came from !!! We...

Our Pink Flamingo cadillacas

Our Pink Flamingo cadillacas

On the cuba, in particular in Havana, the streets are shimmering with colors of not only tenement houses but also magnificent cadillacs. The colors of the cars are fascinating, luscious reds, roses, blues, greens, yellows, oranges ... actually all colors 🙂 Our...

Flamingo Women’s Day

Flamingo Women’s Day

Wonderful Ladies - Your Day today !!! That's why the Flamingo Travel team wishes you the fulfillment of the most secret dreams, happiness and love. And, for dessert, wishes from the heart of our team members in Cuba. Straight from Havana, Eduardo and Danny wish you...

Fun facts and information about Cuba 


Brimming with contrasts – this perfectly describes the island. When visiting Cuba, you will find the beauty of nature in Viñales, wonderful smells and flavours of rum, cigars, mojito, monuments, architecture, flashy convertibles and marvellous beaches, all vibrant with rhythm of salsa or rumba…Oh yes, one can start daydreaming at the very thought of going to Cuba. However the island is not that kind to its native inhabitants as it is to its tourists. Poverty, restricted access to many products, food ration coupons, and everyday hardships – that is the other side of the island. This is particularly important that you see and feel what Cuba is all about with us and along with Cubans and not through hotel windows and beaches.

Big event on Cuba. This year Havana have its 500 anniversary!!!

Havana was founded by the Spaniards at 12 November 1519. This is the occasion of the international tourism fair FIT CUBA this year in the beautiful capital of Cuba – in Havana. In connection with this event Havana will be teeming with life even more than usual …More

Why exactly Cuba?

What is so interesting and unheard of you can see and experience by going on a trip to this Caribbean island? We will try to answer this question and show at least a few reasons why you should go on such a long journey. The first steps of our trip are, of course, the capital of Cuba and the largest city and port on the island and throughout the Caribbean – Havana … More

Hot rhythms of Havana and music everywhere!!!

Undoubtedly the symbol and the most advertising place of entertainment in the capital of Cuba is cabaret Tropicana. The most famous night club in Havana was opened in 1931 and since then it has been functioning almost unchanged (with the exception of liquidated roulette tables) … More

Havana full of impressions.

We will start a tour of the new part of Havana from the Paseo del Prado. Lined with a marble cube shaded by trees, under which you can rest on wooden benches. The Prado promenade forms something like a border between La Habana Vieja and the center of Havana. …More

Tarara – a paradise beach, next to Havana.

Tarara is primarily a beach. Beautiful, wide with soft beige sand, which is easy to shake off the skin, because it has no tendency to stick. There palm trees on the edge in the shade of which you can relax on the sun loungers and warm, blue water of the Atlantic Ocean. The Playa Tarara, which extends for several kilometers, invites you to spend many hours relaxing, diving and playing water sports …More

In cadillac through Havana.

Havana is a beautiful place full of beautiful monuments, original architecture and great views. Colorful tenements delight and enjoy the eye. Everywhere around greenery and big palms.
It is nice to cross Havana with our pink Cadillac Chevrolet 1950 Cabriolet Flamingo taxi …

The Vinales Valley – one of the most beautiful places in Cuba!

The town of Vinales is actually one main street with lots of tiny, rainbow-colored houses hiding along it and in small side streets. Actually, each of these houses is called casa particulares, or, in other words, private accommodation, because the whole town of Vinales actually “lives with tourists” … More